About Us



Every donation grows the human capacity to love.


We generate social science evidence to help nonprofits, fundraisers and the donors they serve, to enrich the experience of philanthropy.

Our Passion


Our team are passionate about achieving growth in philanthropy around the world. We want to do that by using science to create more memorable giving experiences that genuinely contribute to the wellbeing of supporters.


We are also passionate about stewarding the body of knowledge for fundraising, so that fundraisers are equipped to provide the best possible outcomes for their donors. Equipped with the new science of philanthropic psychology, fundraisers can shift their focus away from the solicitation of money, to the delivery of human wellbeing. Our work has shown that giving flows naturally from there and that the resultant gift experience can be transformation for all.


The final strand to our passion is the belief that global philanthropy would grow massively if the act of giving held more meaning and delivered more utility for philanthropists. If donors were to tend to their own needs as well as those of their beneficiaries, giving would be more sustainable and there would be more of it. So we feel passionately about building the body of knowledge that philanthropists might use to reflect on their philanthropy and to deepen and develop the meaning it delivers. The field of philanthropic psychology exists to supply the requisite tools to make this understanding a reality.