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We exist to grow personally meaningful philanthropy around the world. 

We do that by using the latest experimental science to grow the human capacity to love.

Our research shows that if we can succeed in doing that, doubling, tripling and even quadrupling the resources available to charities becomes the natural consequence.

We believe giving should be transformative for both the donor and the great causes to which they give.

Our research shows that when articulating the love for others is at the core, philanthropy feels good.

When genuine meaning is properly crafted, people give more, massively more. And people feel better, massively better. 

The donors to this Institute care passionately about the need to grow philanthropy.

They care passionately too about the need for an evidence based approach to growing that philanthropy.

Please take a look around to see what our donors have created for you here.

With warmest regards,

Adrian, Jen, Kathryn, Harriet & Emma

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