We offer a series of bi-monthly webinars to provide participants with the latest findings from  our research and the thinking developed in our incubators.

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Donor Acknowledgements: Learning How To Say Thank You

The thank-you letter has the highest recall of any donor communication, higher even than the campaign that preceded it. So why is it that so many organizations do such a lousy job of thanking their supporters? In this session we’ll unveil the results of our most recent study of the thanking process drawing on learning from social psychology from the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. Should we be thanking our donors for their gift, for the difference they’ve made, for the kind of person they are or for the kind of person they would like to be? How do these approaches make people feel – and is there an optimal point at which to thank to get the experience into long term memory? Come along and find out…

Dates: tbc

Cost: £79.50


Relationship Fundraising 3.0: Using Philanthropic Psychology to Enhance Donor Wellbeing and Double Giving

This session will explore what we can learn from the science of how human beings form relationships to inform how we might build stronger and more fulfilling relationships with our supporters. We’ll explore each stage of the relationship. Many organizations claim to be practising relationship fundraising, but in reality there is little agreement about what that actually means and what would constitute a relationship approach. In this session we’ll take apart the notion of relationship fundraising and look at the social psychology of how human beings form relationships. We’ll look at what learning there might be for how we might better build donor relationships and report the results of our most recent testing of a relational approach at the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy. We’ll look at the results we achieved, both the difference we were able to make to behaviour. and the difference we were able to make to how people experienced their relationship and just how good they felt about their giving. Our testing was conducted in both the US and the UK with large samples of donors.


– Thursday 27 June 2019 – 16:00 (BST/London) or

– Tuesday 3rd September 2019 – 16:00 (BST/London)

Cost: £79.50


Short Online Courses

Certificate in

Philanthropic Psychology


Philanthropic Psychology for Fundraisers is an 8-week course that covers the following topics:

  • Who are your donors?
  • What are they saying about themselves when they give?
  • Why is giving to your organisation important to their sense of who they are?
  • How does giving contribute to their personal sense of wellbeing and how can we boost this?
  • What is the best way to talk to your donors in order to grow their capacity to love others?
  • How can you translate this knowledge into the design of a donor journey for your organisation, including thank-you communications, newsletters, upgrades and appeals?
  • How can you double, triple and quadruple giving as a consequence?

Certificate in Faith and Philanthropy

This class is for fundraisers working for a Christian nonprofit

It’s an 8-week course that covers the following topics:

  • How do you understand who your donors are?
  • What is the best way to converse with them in order to grow their capacity to love others?
  • Can we fundamentally shift the way we answer this question applying Biblical teachings?
  • How can giving contribute to the psychological wellbeing of Christian supporters – and how can that wellbeing be fostered and developed?
  • How can we facilitate transformations that will make donors’ lives better (i.e. becoming more like Christ)?
  • How can we translate all this knowledge into the design of a donor journey, so they can become more Christ-like?
  • How can we massively grow giving as a consequence of this understanding?