Growing Philanthropy Incubators

How can fundraising and charitable giving research be applied to make a difference?

How can this difference be scaled and sustained?

We have two incubators to test out potential solutions to these questions. 

How can we grow love in fundraising? 

Fundraising Innovation Incubator

This incubator functions as an R&D department for the profession of fundraising. It will take ideas from our research (and the research of others) and look at how best to embed this understanding in professional practice. How can best practices be disseminated across the sector and/or brought to scale? 

If you would like to fund the incubator to test any ideas that you are interested in applying, please contact us.

This incubator is made possible by our generous donors.

How can we grow love in giving? 

Philanthropic Innovation Incubator

This incubator tests how to apply academic research and ideas to individual philanthropy. 

It is designed to work with innovative donors who want to solve a social problem for the first time, or in a new way. The incubator will learn from such experiences and look for ways to use the knowledge gained to help others to think about their philanthropy in the most meaningful way.

Our early work will look at family philanthropic transitions and how the passing of philanthropic traditions from one generation to another can best be conceptualized and handled. We will also be doing work on how to make philanthropy more sustainable by focusing on donor wellbeing and thus how philanthropists feel about their giving.

This incubator will develop ideas and look for ways to scale impact.

If you would like us to walk with you in your journey of philanthropic innovation, please contact us.